What I’ve Learnt From Daily Instagramming

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I know Instagram have made some…questionable, changes recently that not everybody is loving. Despite this, its still one of my favourite platforms and I’ve been ‘Instagramming’ for a whole month now.

The first account I used for my blog Instagram, I kind of neglected. Then me being as stupid as I am, I linked it to my personal Facebook account which I really didn’t want to do. Which invited people I know to follow, when really that wasn’t the purpose. I decided to just delete that account entirely, and start again. So, we now have ‘@forever_september‘ 2.0. I’ve been ‘Instagramming’ daily for a month now, and I just thought I’d share what I’ve learnt by doing this. 

01. Having a backlog of photos is a life saver

If you’re gonna be posting a photo daily, then you’re probably going to want a backlog of photos stored. This means you won’t be stressing out each day thinking ‘Oh no, what do I take a photo of today?’. You’ll have some photos you can pop up without having to worry what you’re going to capture each day.

02. Its fun to mix it up

As much as I love makeup, I really like to switch up my photos and not focus solely on beauty. Whenever I’ve been out, to London for example, I’ll get snap happy. I think it breaks up a theme quite nicely, and ends up making it all a bit more casual. 

03. It doesn’t have to be all white

I decided to make my ‘theme’ white, which is pretty cliché of me, but I think it looks pretty. Although saying this, not every photo has to be predominantly white. I’ve got photos of the sky, blossoms etc which don’t really contain any white as such, but with the power of editing they fit in nicely with the rest of the photos.

04. Interacting with your followers is great

Obviouslyyyyyy. Liking and commenting on others photos is great, and it shows support! With all of these people using ‘bots’ lately, I think its nice to show you’re a genuine follower and like what this person is doing!

05. Have fun with it all

At the end of the day, its not all that serious. Although this point slightly contradicts my previous four points, I mean you don’t have to follow any of what I’ve just said haha. I just enjoy having a theme, and making my photos a lil bit white etccc. If thats not your jam, then you do you! Its all fun and games, and just enjoy!

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– Lucy