2017 General Election From A First Time Voter Perspective

Without a shadow of a doubt, you will know that on June 8th, you will be expected to cast your vote as to who will run our country for the next 5 years.

My Dad has explained politics to me from quite a young age, and I’ve always been interested to know whats going on in the world. I quite enjoy a good debate about politics, or global issues and I think I get that from my Dad, who likes to play devils advocate quite a lot haha. I was a bit too young to follow the 2010 election, but I did follow it in 2015. And I certainly followed what was going on regarding Brexit, and was very disappointed with the result, like most young people.

This year, is the first time I can vote. I didn’t think I’d get to cast my vote until 2020, so to hear that I can actually vote this year, well it was a little bit exciting to me. I wasn’t planning on writing a post on this general election, as this is predominantly a beauty blog but come on, this is important! I thought I’d share my perspective on this general election anyway. 

As a young person who fits that 18-24 bracket, I know how important it is to vote. As young people, we need to vote to determine our own futures and the future of this country. But, yano what? It is tough to make an informed decision. I don’t have that much life experience, I don’t work a full time job, I’ve never paid tax and I don’t fully understand what all of these political policies mean. I do believe that its a little bit easier to make a decision if you’re that bit older and have experienced what the government have done for you, and maybe your family as well. But this does not mean we as the younger generation, should not educate ourselves. Each party brings out a new manifesto each time the general election rolls around, so yes we should read it. They can be very longwinded, but some parties give a shortened down version, which means you don’t have to read through hundreds of pages to understand what they want to do for the country. 

Sometimes its still hard to comprehend when you aren’t at the forefront of paying tax and all that jazz, but its quite clear to see what parties stand for. I don’t want to this post to be about my political views, as to be honest, I’m still confused myself. But I do stand for the people, and I want the world to be a more friendly, peaceful place. Thats the basis I’m going to go on when casting my vote. I’m going to go with what I know, and what I personally thinks best for the country and the people around me, and well, myself. And I think thats all you can do really, just try and make an informed decision on what you know. So all I want to say is, that if you’re a young person, and maybe this is your first time voting, then just make sure you do that extra research and make a decision you think will benefit our futures. Tomorrow is the deadline for registering to vote, so please, I urge you to sign up here. Everybody’s vote counts.

– Lucy