Colourpop Haul

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You have no idea how excited I am to be sitting and writing this post!

Finally, I own some Colourpop goodies ahhh! They had a free shipping promotion on a few weeks ago, and me and my good friend Ashia, decided to pick up a few things each. I think before I get chatting about the products themselves, I should just address how long it took to come and the custom fee. So it took around 10ish days to get here which wasn’t bad going in my opinion, and sadly we were stung with a custom fee. It was about £16 which we definitely weren’t expecting, but nonetheless we had to pay it. Luckily we could halve that as we did a joint order, which made it a bit better! So, a word of warning, do be prepared for a customs charge. 

Anyway, now thats over I can finally talk about these amazing products eeeeee! The first thing I popped into my basket when shopping on the site, was the super shock highlighter in ‘Lunch Money‘. I’d seen a few bloggers talk about this and well yano, I’m a sucker for a good highlight. This is a gorgeous champagne/white shade, perfect for my pale complexion. Not only is the colour gorgeous, but the pigmentation is out of this world. Oh my god like, I am literally so impressed. The formulation is creamy and soft, and looks so pretty across the cheekbones. I was also dying to try one of their super shock eyeshadows. So, I decided to pick up the shade ‘Weenie‘. This was a shade that was in collaboration with Kathleen Lights (who I love). Similarly to the highlight, this is ridiculously soft, creamy and pigmented. I actually cannot tell you guys just HOW incredible this eyeshadow is, like I have no idea how they make them so soft! Anyway, this is a gorgeous coppery/red shade, that looks gorgeous all over the lid!

Now onto lips. I decided I wanted to try one of their ultra matte lip’s and one of the lippie stix. I picked up the shade ‘Beeper‘ in the ultra matte lip, which is a browny nude with a very slight pink undertone (very slight). I’m yet to actually try this on the lips, but I adore the way its packaged. Although, when you pull the applicator out of the tube, it doesn’t seem to have the suction thing at the top that other liquid lipsticks have? Do you know what I mean? It just sort of comes out and you have excess product left over that you have to try and wipe off back into the tube. I dunno, it doesn’t bother me too much but just something I noticed. Finally, one of their lippie stix in ‘Baewatch‘. I love the formulation of this, a matte finish but its not at all drying. It applies like a normal lipstick and stays put for a flipping long time too. The colour is a mauve purple, although on the lips it definitely comes out as a more dark purple than mauve, which is weird because in the tube it looks like it’d have a slightly pink undertone, and not purple. But I’m not complaining, it still looks gorgeous!

If you want to see some other Colourpop goodies, check out Ashia’s haul over on Live For Luxe!

Will you be ordering from Colourpop any time soon?