Everyday Jewellery Pieces

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Jewellery was never my thing until a couple of years ago, when I realised dainty pieces were my thang!

The first piece of jewellery I actually wore every single day was my Pandora Delicate Heart Ring. My boyfriend got me this ring back in 2014 for valentines day, and I still wear it everyday without fail. I love how dainty and small it is, it sits perfectly on my index finger alongside my Pandora September Droplet Birthstone Ring. Again, another lovely gift from my boyfriend for my birthday last year. I wasn’t a big fan of the old style birthstone rings, but love the simplicity of this style and I do love jewellery with birthstones on. My third and final Pandora ring, is my Flower Ring (Similar). I don’t think they sell this anymore, which is such a shame because the detail on this is so pretty. I wear all three of these rings everyday, and I’d feel naked without them!

Onto necklaces, something I don’t wear every single day but every so often. The first, is my cheap and cheerful Circle Necklace (Similar) from H&M. This rose gold number is perfect when you’re wearing a simple monochrome outfit and want something dainty to add to it. Next up is probably my favourite necklace I own, the Anna Saccone Virgo Zodiac Sign Necklace. Not so cheap, but completely worth every penny. I got it in silver, because I think that goes with my skin tone better and matches more of my wardrobe. I absolutely love the detailing on this, and it means that little bit more as I’ve been watching the SacconeJolys for over three years now! Finally, a super cute rose gold necklace from JewelleryBox. Their Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Arrow Necklace*. This was a piece I was kindly gifted about a year ago now, and I still love it. Its great for everyday wear as its so tiny, and goes with so much.

What are your everyday jewellery choices?

– Lucy 

PR Sample/Gifted Item*