Indy Luxe Pink Pearlescent Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

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Look how beautiful these brushes are, have you ever seen something so pretty? Because I know I haven’t!

I was lucky enough to win Indy Luxe’s competition, where they were giving one person and their friend a chance to win one of their brush sets. And guess who that lucky person was? Oh yeah, me! I was kinda over the moon and to be honest, it made my day. I was thinking about getting myself a new brush set, but I don’t need to now I have these babies in my life.

Indy Luxe are a kinda new brand on the block, offering two brush sets on their site. Their brushes are made with synthetic fibres, which makes them 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly. Could this brand get any better?! This is their ‘Pink Pearlescent Unicorn 8PCS Makeup Brush Set‘. Just the most beautifully designed brush set I’ve ever laid eyes on. The most ‘Insta-worthy’ brush set ever (lol). 

So, you get 8 brushes in this set. Three face brushes, and five eye brushes. I quite like this, as I prefer having eye brushes over face as I tend to use my Real Techniques Sponge for foundation, concealer etc. As for the face brushes, you get an angled fluffy brush, a flat foundation brush and just your standard round powder/buffing brush. The perfect trio in my opinion. For the eyes, you get a pencil brush, three fluffy blending brushes and a flat eyeshadow brush. I’m kind of love the fact theres three different sized fluffy blending brushes, you can never have enough in my opinion. The pencil brush is perfect for applying shadow underneath the lash line, and obviously the flat one is great for packing on shadow.

Overall, I absolutely adore this brush set and as well as it being totally Instagram worthy, it has a great array of brushes that I’m definitely going to get a lot of use from! You can also get 20% off with the code ‘FOREVERSEPT20’ if you fancy picking ya self up some gorgeous brushes!

– Lucy