Palettes Perfect For Blue Eyes

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As someone with blue (basically grey) eyes, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite palettes that really accentuate that blueness!

You’ll notice a theme with these palettes, they contain a lot of orange/golds and light browns. For me personally, this is what makes my eye colour ‘pop’ if you will. So, first up, my trusty Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Palette. This beautiful neutral quad is perfect for those with blue eyes. (I’m sure its perfect for every other eye colour as well, as theres no denying its such a versatile palette). Anyway, I love using the shade ‘toast’ (a pretty orange shade) all over the lid, with ‘soft truffle’ (a darker matte brown) in the crease. To finish it off, I use the gorgeous shimmery shade ‘marzipan’ on the inner corners of my eyes.

The second palette is one I’ve fallen back in love with. The Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. I adore Too Faced shadows, they’re so pigmented and buttery. I love to use the shade ‘peanut butter’ all over the lid. Again, its a lovely orange shade that really makes blue eyes stand out. Theres quite the choice of mid to dark browns in this palette, but I like to use ‘truffled’ in the crease, as its not too harsh. Then to finish off, the champagne shimmer ‘butter pecan’ goes on the inner corners. Finally, I think we have one of my favourite eyeshadow looks. Using my very loved Zoeva Cocoa Blends Palette, I pop the shade ‘pure ganache’ all over the lid. This is such a bright gold shimmer shade and its my absolute go-to if I want to do a gold eyeshadow look. I then simply put ‘freshly toasted’ through the crease. This is just a warm brown shade, with red undertones so it blends beautifully with the shimmery gold shade on  the lid. 

And there we have three of my go-to eyeshadow looks, especially for blue eyes. I’m sure these would suit all eye colours, however I find these ones very much accentuate the blue for me! What are your go-to looks to make your eye colour pop?

– Lucy