10 Things To Do This Summer

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Since we’ve had a series of very sunny days this week, I thought it’d be appropriate to list a few things to do this coming summer!

01. Take a trip to your local park

Sometimes its nice to just pop to your local park, it means you don’t have to travel far but you can still have a lovely time away from home.

02. Read a book, or two

I suck when it comes to reading, I used to be such a bookworm as well! Summer is always the time I find myself diving into a good book, and I can’t wait to get started on some this year. I think I’m going to start The Art of Being Normal.

03. Go on a shopping spree

Obviously this isn’t subjective to summer, but who doesn’t love going shopping for cute dresses and bikinis? I have eye on this super cute swimming costume from asos!

04. Make ice lollies

I remember doing this as a kid, and I used to love it. Buy yourself some ice lolly moulds and start getting creative! You could even make some alcoholic ones, like Poppy did!

05. Pop down to your local lido

I don’t know how many lidos there are around the UK, and if people have them local to them. But, luckily I have two in close proximity to me. Its a great place to go with a bunch of friends, and just have a good time splashing around in the pool and sunbathing.

06. Paint your nails super summery colours
Over the summer, I like to make sure my nails are nice and bright. I think one of my summer faves is Essie’s Fiji

07. Take a trip to the beach
Not just that, maybe try and find a new beach to go to. In the UK you have so many choices, make a proper day of it and travel to a part of the coast you’ve never been to before.

08. Go fruit picking
Fruit picking is so much fun, especially when the sun is shining. Another thing you could make a day of, maybe even have a picnic whilst you’re there!

09. Go to a festival

One thing I love about summer, is the festivals. I’m off to Reading festival again this year and I cannot wait. Its not too late to get tickets, and I’d highly recommend it, even if its only for one day. Good music in the sun with your friends, what more could you want?!

10. Have multiple bbq’s

Summer is about the only time in the UK where you’re able to have a barbecue. Make the most of it, invite people over and share the fooooooooood!

What plans do you have this summer?

– Lucy