A Models Own Haul

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I haven’t written a post involving makeup for a fair while now, so its safe to say I’m pretty excited to share this post with you!

As a makeup collector (hoarder), I’m always open to trying new things, from new brands, whether thats high end or drugstore. When I was up in Stratford Westfield a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Models Own store. I’d never seen one before, and everything looked so pretty, so I was easily persuaded to step inside. They had an offer on that day, where if you spent £25 in store, you could pick any palette of your choice for free! How could I turn that down?!

So, the first thing I picked up was the Flawless Colour Correcting Cream Concealer, in the green shade. I kept meaning to try out a colour correcting concealer to see what the hype was about, and I figured this would be a perfect chance. I picked up green, as I’d heard it was good for covering redness and also good for hiding dark circles, both of which I suffer with. So far so good with this, I’ve been applying it before my foundation and normal concealer to my problem areas, and then blended it out using my RT sponge, mixed in with my foundation. 

Now, I’ve gotta dedicate a whole separate paragraph for the next two items, because oh my gawwwd. I picked up two of the Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kits, one in ‘Vintage Pink’ and the other in ‘Copper Lustre’. When the lady in the shop swatched one of these on the back of my hand, I knew I had to own one. They’re cream shadows, that are so intensely pigmented that I was literally shook when I saw them (lol). Vintage pink is a gorgeous lightish pink shade, with a kind of silvery/copper undertone and has some serious sparkle to it. As does copper lustre. The kits come with a liquid primer, which actually works pretty damn well at enhancing the pigment, and also comes with a mixing tray, although I’ve never used that. My favourite of the two has to be copper lustre, just because I’m a gold/copper/bronze eyeshadow lover and will wear this on a daily basis, even if it is seriously pigmented and bold haha!

I also decided to pick up their Makeup Fixing Spray. It was actually on offer at the time so I got it for just over £3.50 or something ridiculous like that. I’m not too keen on the scent this has, but I’m willing to ignore that, as it actually holds my makeup in place really well. Also I actually love the colour of it, the pink is kinda cute haha. Then finally, I got my free palette of choice – woooo yeeeah! I decided to go for the Barely There Eyeshadow Palette. Mainly because I’m a neutral eyeshadow lover, and this just caught my eye, (no pun intended). With ten gorgeous neutral shades to choose from, I couldn’t turn this down. The shadows are actually well pigmented, and I’ve been using this almost daily since I got it. My favourite shades have to be ‘Bare Skin’, a lovely bronzy shimmer shade, and ‘Birthday Suit’, a pinky/nude shimmer. It also has plenty of matte browns in there to pop through the crease. 

Overall, I’m so impressed with everything I’ve tried from Model’s Own and honestly wish I’d tried some of their stuff sooner. Its such good quality, for not too much of a high price point!

Have you ever tried Models Own makeup?

– Lucy