Learning To Drive And Where To Get Started

Its coming up to a year, since I passed my driving test. I can’t believe how quickly the times gone! I thought I’d share how I got started with the learning process, and all the goes alongside it!

Learning to drive can be such a daunting task. Like where do you start?! You have to consider whether you’re going to do an intensive course, normal driving lessons, find the cheapest instructor and all that malarkey! And then you’ve also got your theory test to revise for before you can even think about taking your test. I’m really not selling this am I, hahah. 

But in all seriousness, its so worth it. Doesn’t matter whether it takes you years to pass your test, or just months. I managed to pass my theory test within the second month of learning to drive, and passed first time. I can’t stress enough how important it is to actually practise for it before you go in. So many people believe you can just wing it, trust me you can’t. And if you did, and passed, you’re damn lucky. I used a free app to do my practise questions and it worked for me, so if you’re on a budget I’d recommend getting a free app!

As for driving lessons themselves, they can be pretty pricey, I’ll give you that. I think I paid around £52 for two hours worth of lessons, every other week. It adds up quickly. You just have to search around for prices that are good for you, and also look for an instructor you like, and of course are comfortable with. Pass ‘N’ Go, actually give out free driving lessons on their Twitter occasionally, so its definitely worth having a look at that if you’re finding it hard to fund driving lessons. 

Overall, I couldn’t be happier that I learnt to drive when I did. It gives me so much freedom to do what I want, and go where I need to go in my own time. Granted, its not cheap but its totally worth it.

– Lucy

-This post was in collaboration with Pass ‘N’ Go, however all opinions are my own-