Life Update: I’ve Finished Compulsory Education

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I did it, I made it. I’ve finally finished compulsory education!

Today is the day I finish compulsory education. After 14 years in education, it has finally come to an end. Well technically not, because I’m off to uni but you get what I mean haha. Its so nice to have that freedom for a few months, not having to worry about deadlines or revision. I know I could have done so much more revision than I did, but I really do struggle with independent learning when its not a subject I’m 100% passionate about. But anyway, its over now so theres no point dwelling on it.

So, I now have three months off. Although I won’t be thinking about college work, its safe to say I’m pretty busy in other areas of my life. I volunteered to help make my years leavers video, which is what I’ll be attempting to put together in the next few weeks. Theres actually quite a lot of work that has to go into this, so I better get cracking. Alongside this, I’m also going to be doing a fair few extra hours at my part time job. I really do need that extra cash so this is really helpful to be honest. 

Amongst all this though, I have the fun stuff to look forward too. Myself and my lovely friend Marcie, are off to Thorpe Park on Friday and I could not be more excited! I haven’t been for a while, and its honestly one of my happy places. Oh yes, and how could I forget? Tonight myself and Ashia from Live For Luxe are off to a super exciting event in Stratford for Quiz clothing. Honestly, I can’t contain my excitement for this. Expect a post on this coming your way very soon! So, heres to finishing compulsory education and to new beginnings!

Whats going on in your life?

– Lucy