May Mishka Mail: Graduation Theme

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Its that time of year again, exams are finishing, people are graduating and its a flipping good feeling!

I’m quite the stationery fanatic, and the May’s Mishka Mail* is so flipping cute, I couldn’t not share it with you. 

So, in May’s edition you get a set of cards all based on a graduation theme. Like I said, what perfect timing, as so many people are graduating and finishing school/college! So, in this lil pack you get 4 greeting cards, two postcards, two stickers, two tags, and a bookmark. I have to say, I think the greeting cards are my favourite, the little sayings on them are just so perfect haha! I especially love the one, ‘It doesn’t matter how you did it. What matters is you got there in the end!’, it couldn’t be more true.

Mishka Mail is an Australian company, run by the lovely Naira. Its a monthly subscription service, where you’ll receive an assortment of stationery goodies, straight to your door each month. Mishka is actually the little panda, drawn on most of the cards and I mean, seriously how flipping cute?! They have an online site, you can check out here and they have past kits that are available too!

I love how each month has a different theme, which makes it so exciting. If you love collecting up cards to give to people, or collecting postcards to decorate your room with, I’d highly recommend a subscription to Mishka Mail. I’m going to be handing out some of these cards to my friends who are just about to finish their exams, and hopefully make their day!

– Lucy

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