5 TV Shows To Cheer You Up

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We all have our down days, but there are plenty of TV shows to put a smile back on your face. Here are some of my faves!

01. Ja’mie Private School Girl

I think this is one of my all time favourite TV series. Ja’mie King is a private school girl, and you follow her journey as she finishes her final year in school. The humour is quite offensive, but to be honest, thats what makes it so funny. I literally quote things from this TV show daily.

02. The Office (US Version)

I just love everything about this series. You get so invested in the characters, and the lives they lead. Its ridiculously funny to be honest, although its a very required type of humour. Although, this always seems to cheer me right up, and make me giggle as its so lighthearted and fun. 

03. Rupauls Drag Race

I couldn’t not mention this could I?! This is the most lighthearted, hilarious TV show you could ever put on. A group of drag queens battle to win the competition, where they’ll win $100,000. The shade is so real, the bitchiness is so funny and I can’t stop smiling when watching this.

04. Summer Heights High

Summer Heights High is what came before Ja’mie Private School Girl. It follows a teacher, (Mr G), a naughty school kid (Jonah), and a private school transfer (Ja’mie). This is just as funny as Ja’mie, and my favourite character in this has to be Mr G. Just type in ‘Mr G the movie’ into YouTube if you want to have a laugh, honestly its the best thing.

05. Adventure Time

I know, I know, its a kids TV show but it makes me so happy. It takes me back to being little again, when nothing mattered but watching cartoon’s when you got in from school. Watching this show as an adult, you do notice a few more mature jokes that you just wouldn’t get as a kid, which is kinda funny.

What TV shows do you watch when you need cheering up?

– Lucie