The Amsterdam Diaries: Day One

Last week, myself, Ashia and Chloe ventured to Holland to visit Amsterdam for a few days. I thought I’d put together a handful of photo diaries, to share my experience/holiday with these girlies!

So welcome to day one of Amsterdam. We flew in on the Tuesday, but since we were staying a little out of Amsterdam itself, we decided to just stick to exploring the town we were in. The town we were staying in, was called Hilversum – it was super cute. But on the Wednesday, we decided to get the train and head towards Amsterdam. Our first stop was actually the museum of prostitution in The Red Light District. It was probably my favourite out of the museums we visited, it was just so interesting, and the confession wall was so funny. 

The first day mainly consisted of us being very touristy. Like I said, we visited the museum of prostitution, which was really interesting. We then went onto visiting the sex museum, which was…interesting haha. Lots of photos, very graphic to say the least! Nonetheless, worth visiting I’d say. Alongside both of the museums, we took a stroll around Amsterdam itself. We stopped for lunch at Omelegg, and I had the most delicious scrambled egg on toast. It was such a cute little cafe as well, would highly recommend if you enjoy all day breakfast/brunch. The rest of the day was spent browsing the shops until it was time to go back to our Airbnb. 

– Lucie