Glitter Lips With Beauty BLVD

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Glitter is very on trend right now, obviously since its summer and festival season!

So when Beauty BLVD asked if I wanted to try out some of their Glitter Lips, I was quick to say yes, as I’m a sucker for a bit of sparkle. These little kits retail for £12.50, so a little pricey in my opinion, but not too bad. I picked the shades ‘Vintage Pretty*‘ and ‘Cocoa Loco*‘. Vintage Pretty is a dusky pink shade, and Cocoa Loco is a brown shade. 

I’ll be truthful, I wanted to love these but I just don’t unfortunately. Its an absolutely brilliant idea, and having glitter lips would be so cool, especially for a festivals. However, its so tricky to apply these. The ‘glitter gloss’ smells very strong of what reminds me of superglue, which is quite off-putting I must say. Nonetheless, I applied it to my lips and obviously it dries down clear and the smell fades which I could then deal with. It comes with a small sponge applicator to pop the glitter on with, and to be honest its sooo hard to pack enough glitter on enough for it to be properly pigmented. 

I don’t want this review to be completely negative, because I truly believe this is a good idea. So, instead of using these kits on my lips, I decided to use it on my cheeks. Which works wonders! Just pop the gloss onto the cheekbones and pack the glitter on, and it won’t be going anywhere. Perfect for festival wear thats for sure. The two colours are so pretty as well, its a shame they just don’t sit on the lips so well. 

– Lucy

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