Zoella Jelly & Gelato Shower Sauce And Body Pudding

So, Zoella has a new range out…who knew?!

And it smells/looks incredible. I know this has been hyped about for the past few weeks, but rightly so. The packaging is extremely aesthetically pleasing and pretty to photograph, and the scent just screams summer. As much as I wanted to purchase everything from the range, I don’t think my bank balance would have thanked me. So I opted for the Shower Sauce and Body Pudding.

Lets start with the Shower Sauce. I decided to go for this, as you can never have enough body washes. Its a decent size, and as you can see, the packaging is beautiful. It’d look so pretty sitting on the side of your bath, I will say that. The scent is very sweet, but not overpowering. It almost has a citrus scent underlying which is really nice. Its a very hard scent to describe to be honest, I’d just recommend popping into Superdrug and smelling for yourself. The smell aside, the formula of this is so lovely. It lathers up really well, and feels very moisturising. 

Onto the Body Pudding. I’m a sucker for a good moisturiser and I knew I had to try this out. It comes in the cutest lil tub, that reminds me of an ice cream bowl. Again, 10/10 for packaging, and the scent is the same as the shower sauce. It has these small pink beads in it as well, which I think helps to exfoliate. Its extremely moisturising, but not too heavy so its perfect for this time of year. 

Have you tried anything from ZoĆ«’s new range?

– Lucy