A Birthday Trip To Brighton

As you may have seen, or guessed, last weekend was my birthday. To celebrate, I went on a lil weekend trip to Brighton. I was very lucky to be taken to Brighton for my birthday this year, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I had the best time, and I thought I’d share some of the photos I snapped whilst I was away. We arrived on the Saturday, and wondered around the lanes and the main shopping centre for most of the day. We found Magazine Brighton, a magazine shop I’ve been wanting to visit for ages, so that was really nice!

Our hotel was at the other end of the beach, in the marina, which meant we had to walk along the beach to get to the pier and shops. Luckily it was a really sunny day, and actually quite warm, so it was nice to just wonder along the beach for a bit. We decided to go to The Breakfast Club for breakfast (of course), and it was incredible. Although the pancakes were a bit much I will say that!

I thought this was a nice photo to end with, sunny Brighton.

– Lucy