University Stationery Haul

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Its nearly that time of year again to go back to school/college/uni!

I’m off to university this month, ahh! I can’t quite believe how quickly this summer has gone, but its September now and time to get back to it. So I thought I’d share some of the stationery bits I picked up ready for my first year of uni. 

I’m aware I might not even need all of this, and people in their second or third year might laugh at me but I have no idea what I’m going into so just got (what I think are), the basics! Lets start off with the two ring binders. I was told I would need a few of these and lined paper to take notes in, for lectures. Both of them are from Wilko, and were around £1.50, super cheap for such cute designs! I wanted to get a cute pencil case as well, and out of all places, I found this one in Sainsbury’s. I love the pastel colours with the hint of dark blue in there, and again it was so cheap at £4. 

I don’t know if I’ll necessarily use these for uni, but I always include them in blog photos so I thought I’d mention them. The copper and marble paperclips from Primark, which I’m sure will come in handy for keeping papers/worksheets neat, but mostly they look good in photos haha! It also occurred to me that I’d probably need some sort of planner for the year. I found this gorgeous lil number in Paperchase, which is a 2017-2018 planner so I’m all set and ready. I adore the print on this, and it has a plastic covering over it so it won’t get too messy or whatever whilst in my bag. 

Obviously I’ve got myself pens, pencils and all that jazz but I thought I’d mention the highlighter pack I picked up. Because they’re PASTEL?! Literally nothing better than pastel highlighters, am I right? Sooo, I’m gonna be highlighting the shit out of everything in lectures and seminars because these are just far too pretty. 

– Lucy