5 Reads To Help You Out With Blog Photography

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When I first started out with blogging, I must say my photography wasn’t quite up to scratch. I’m sure there were articles out there that would’ve helped me, but I definitely wasn’t looking in the right places haha. So, I thought I’d put together 5 reads that can help you out with your own blog photography!

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs

This book really is a life saver. I really do believe that to get the most out of your camera, you should shoot on manual. It gives you the most amount of freedom, as you can adjust all the settings yourself. This book helps you to understand what these settings are, and also talks about composition and other aspects of photography that really helped me out.

Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips

Another super handy lil book. This is really visually pleasing to look at as well as having some brilliant information. It also helps you to understand aperture, ISO and shutter speed when using the manual setting on your camera. Its an easy read, and the tips are very easy to apply to blog photography.

From Roses Flat Lay Photography Cheat Sheet

Rebecca has such an amazing photography style, and I’m sure its not just myself that takes inspiration from her gorgeous photography. This article is perfect if you’re trying to master the ways of flat lay photography. It definitely takes a lot of practise, and you really have to work hard on composition to get it just right. Hopefully this will help you out!

Kate La Vie’s 4 Tips For Brighter Photos

I always find nice bright photographs at the top of blog posts very visually appealing and definitely draw me in. Its also quite apparent that most bloggers (including myself), like to have that lovely clean, white finish to their images. This post by Kate is really helpful, and if you’re struggling to get those bright images you’re after, give this a read!

Pint Sized Beauty’s Keeping Your Blog Photography Interesting: Backgrounds and Props

The queen of beauty photography in my opinion, Lily. She has such a beautiful, effortless style when it comes to product photography. This is a really handy post to help you keep your blog photos interesting, and what sort of props/backgrounds to use in order to make them stay interesting. 

Do you have any articles that have helped you with your blog photography?

– Lucy