Life Lately: A Catch Up

Its a Tuesday evening as I’m sat writing this, Bake Off is about to start and I’m absolutely shattered. I thought it was about time I did another little ‘life lately’ post and just have a bit of a catch up. 

Soooo, I guess I’ll start with the fact I’m a month into my first year at uni now. I’m studying photography, and so far I’m enjoying it. Although it is a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. I am pretty worn out, I won’t lie, as I have my part time job that I do on the side as well as uni, and its all getting a bit much. I suffer with derealisation, which I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about on here, but it was getting quite bad recently and I’ve felt pretty spaced out, so I think its time to cut down on some of the work I’m doing!

In other news, other than the amount of work I have to do – I got a tattoo (lol that unintentionally rhymed). Its a basic little sunshine on my ankle, and I love it. It has a small meaning behind it, which is simply that it symbolises positivity. After going through a rough time with my mental health, I felt like I needed something to symbolise happiness and just to remind me that it always gets better.

To be honest, I’ve just been really busy with life and haven’t had the chance to blog, which is so sad. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back to it this week and start posting regularly again, because I miss writing on this lil space. Hopefully another post will be up Sunday, if not Wednesday – yay!

– Lucy