5 Struggles Of Having A Fringe

At the beginning of the month, I decided it was time to change up my hair a lil bit. I’d been thinking about getting a full fringe for a while, so i bit the bullet and went for it. I was quite fond of it when I first had it cut, but it definitely has taken its toll and started to irritate me a bit!

01. Your bed hair will be 10x worse 

If you thought your hair looked bad in the morning without a fringe, be prepared for what it’ll look like with one. I usually wake up with a middle parting, and one side of my fringe pinging up to one side, its quite funny. 

02. You’re gonna have to use heat daily

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to use heat on your hair, maybe a fringe isn’t for you. If I didn’t straighten/blow dry my hair it would be an actual birds nest!

03. You’ll be constantly touching it to get it out your eyes

To be fair, I do have quite a long fringe and to solve this problem I could just get it cut shorter, but I don’t think I’m ready to commit to that just yet. I’m constantly trying to push it out of my eyes, or detaching pieces of hair from my eyelashes, pretty irritating! 

04. Greasy hair is real

Nobody likes greasy hair, but because you’re touching it 24/7 to get it out of your eyes, it means your hair produces more oil. Dry shampoo really is your best friend when you have a fringe!

05. There’s less versatility 

Having a fringe is great, but I’ve found you have much less versatility to do what you want with your hair. I tried to do french plaits the other day, and I had to pin my fringe back for it to look ‘normal’. Although, space buns with a full fringe is really cute I’ve found out!

Even though having a fringe can be really irritating at times, I still kinda like it and its something a bit different! And change is always a good thing right?!

– Lucy