Life Ramblings

This is probably the seventh time I’ve started this post now, because I just have no idea what to say. Hi, how are you? How’s it goin? I feel like its been ages since I just sat down, and had a good old ramble about life. 

I haven’t been posting on here as much as I’d ideally like to. I always plan to get three posts up a week, on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. However, over the past month or so thats just completely gone out the window. This is mostly due to being at uni a lot of the time, being in workshops and doing book work. Or just having some me time. Uni has been such a surreal experience so far, it feels completely normal until I take a step back and actually look at the situation I’m currently in. I’ve made new friends which is amazing, and I’m studying I course which I’m really interested in, but I guess I’m still getting used to it all.

My anxiety hasn’t been great recently either, and I had quite a big (and scary), panic attack a few weeks ago that ruined some plans. I feel like that kinda knocked me back, and now I feel anxious at the prospect of getting anxious/having a panic attack. So its like my anxiety has anxiety, which just isn’t a fun situation to be in. However, the doctor gave me some extra meds to take to help and I’m on the waiting list to see someone about my panic attacks, so lets hope that all helps.

In other news, I finished Stranger Things 2 last week and it was literally the best thing ever. I’m already re-watching from season 1, because its just that good.  I would highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already, because I swear you’ll fall in love with all the characters (especially Steve) haha.

I don’t really think I have much else to say, other than I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday!

– Lucy