New Year, New Habits

New year, new me? I don’t really like that saying very much, purely because I’m not the one thats changing, I’m still me. Its the things I do in my daily life that I want to change and/or switch up. Thats why I came up with ‘new year, new habits’. I’ve compiled a small list of ‘habits’, if you will, that I want to try and integrate into my day to day life this year. Lets just hope I’m able to stick to them! 


I’ve specifically put ‘read before bed’, purely because it gives me a time and place to actually sit down and read. I used to love reading, and as I got older I just sort of stopped. I want to try and read fiction and non-fiction in equal parts, as I enjoy both. Especially with being a uni student now, I need to be picking up all the books I can!


I have officially rejoined the gym. I’ve been twice this past week, which I feel is already a great achievement haha. I desperately want to get my fitness levels up, because I’m pretty sure my lack of exercise is why I feel tired and gross most of the time. Listening to music at the gym definitely helps to keep me motivated as well, and I couldn’t recommend the Sudio Sweden Tre Pink Earphones* enough. They’re bluetooth headphones, which means you don’t have to connect them to your phone. I find this so convenient for the gym, as theres no wire getting in your way when you’re using the equipment. 


I am very guilty of this. I will keep snoozing my alarm until its literally 10 minutes before I need to leave the house. This is never good, as it doesn’t set me up for the day very well. It means I don’t have time to do my hair and makeup properly, which inevitably makes me feel worse off as the day goes on. So, heres to getting up the first time my alarm goes off. 

Soooooo, there we have my lil list of new habits I hope to incorporate into my daily life this year!

– Lucy

– This post was in collaboration with Sudio Sweden, however all thoughts & opinions are my own –