How Mental Health Can Affect Relationships

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I’m aware the title of this post sounds a bit negative, almost as if I’m saying that mental health can ruin relationships, but I can assure you thats not what this post is about. As someone who has suffered with anxiety for years, I’ve seen first hand how mental health can affect various aspects of relationships.

I’ll start off with my personal experience. I’m very lucky to have people around me that are supportive, caring and loving, such as my parents, boyfriend and friends. Even though they’re very supportive, having a mental illness such as anxiety and panic disorder can take its toll. Panic attacks can not only be draining for me, but for them too. I’ll often have to wake up my parents in the night because I feel like I need someone there to support me when I feel like I could pass out at any minute. It sucks because it disturbs them from sleep, and it makes me feel like such a burden. Even though I feel like I need the support, I don’t always want to ask for it as I feel like I’m pulling other people into my problems.

Its also difficult when you make plans to go places, because I may be fine one day and the next I could be an anxious mess. So not only will I be feeling like an anxious wreck, but I’ll feel awful for having to cancel plans or just not being myself when I am out and about. So due to all this, mental illness can put a strain on certain relationships in your life.

One thing I’ve found to help me out, is therapy. Whether thats online, group therapy or 1 to 1s. It gives you the chance to talk to a new face, and someone who isn’t immediate family or someone you see on a daily basis. And obviously, its a professional you’re speaking to, so you can get the help you need. A great place to get help is Talkspace app, which is an online therapy facility, where you’re able to talk to a professional therapist via chatroom. Definitely would recommend downloading it and give it a try if you’re looking for immediate help regarding your mental health. Its amazing what talking can do, and can take the strain off relationships, as you’re not relying so heavily on those closest to you all the time.

So even though suffering with mental illness can affect the relationships in your life, it doesn’t have to stay like that, or make a big impact. I’d highly recommend giving online therapy a go if thats something you’re open to.

– Lucy

– This post is in collaboration with Talkspace –