Keeping It Stylish With Caseapp

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I’m a sucker for anything pretty. I also low-key have an addiction to phone cases, oops. Whenever I see a nice on, I’m like ‘oooo I need it’, when I really don’t. You can only use one at a time after all. Anyway, I digress. Caseapp got in contact with me, and I was able to pick out two items from their site and I just had to share them as they’re so gorgeous!

Obviously I was drawn to the phone case section first, and I honestly spent about half an hour scrolling through all the pre-made designs, in awe of how pretty they all were. Although as soon as I stumbled across the Banana Leaf* design, I knew I had to have it. Its very blogger-esque, so I guess thats the initial reason I fell in love with the design, haha. I didn’t realise I’d opted for the tough option, which means this is quite a chunky case as it protects your phone if you were to drop it. So if you’re quite clumsy, I’d opt for this one but if you like to keep your phone lightweight, just go for the normal one. Alongside all of the pre-made designs you can purchase, you can also make your own custom case too!

I also chose a new laptop skin, as I had one from caseapp before and it was so good but it started looking a bit worn. This time I went for the Small Dots on Pink* because I liked how minimal it was, and also because I just love pink. Its a really pale pink, hence why it looks almost white in the photo, but still super pretty. 

If you want to pick either one of these up for yourself, (or anything from their site for that matter), I have a 20% off code that you can use when you check out, ‘FOREVER20’. 

– Lucy

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