You May Delay, But Time Will Not

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It’s that time of year again, yes exam season. Luckily for me, I won’t be sitting in a hall staring at an exam paper this year (praise the lord), but I do have deadlines and various projects to be getting on with. I like to try and be as organised as possible, especially at this time of year, so I thought I’d share a few goodies I got to pick out from the Old English Company

Let’s start with the smaller bits and pieces, shall we? Since we’re made to wear our student IDs at uni now, I thought these pin badges would look so cute attached to my lanyard and jazz it up a bit. The first one I chose was their Buy Me Pizza Enamel Pin*. The full thing actually says, ‘buy me pizza and tell me I’m pretty’, which to be honest sums me up well. The second one I spotted was the Love Avocado Enamel Pin*. I know how much of a cliché avocado has become, but I honestly love it. Avocado on a bagel is literally one of my fave things to eat, so I knew I had to own this lil pin to show my love for them haha! Alongside the two pin badges, I decided to pick up this gorgeous Monstera Leaf Keyring* to pop on my car keys. I definitely already have way too many keyrings weighing down my poor car keys, but I couldn’t resist this. It’s actually quite lightweight, so hopefully, it won’t make much of a difference when added to the abundance of keyrings I already have. 

As I’m doing a photography degree, I always seem to have rolls of film that need developing or SD cards that I need to carry around. So, I picked up this super cute Hot Mess Makeup Pouch* to keep them all in. I just love that it says ‘hot mess’ on it because I mean…I can relate, haaa. Okay so onto the less frivolous items, the more organisational bits and pieces. The first thing I spotted and knew I needed in my life was the Brush Stroke Weekly Agenda Notepad*. I will literally buy anything and everything that gives me the illusion that I have my life together. But seriously, this is actually really helpful as I can see what I’ve got to do for the week and it makes it seem more manageable. Something else to help me out is the Motivational 2018 Desktop Calendar*. I usually just use the calendar on my phone, but it’s quite nice to have a physical one sitting on my desk to have a look at. Also, each month holds a motivational quote which is super cute! The final ‘organisational’ item I picked up was the You May Delay Notebook*. I’m a sucker for a good notebook and I own way too many, to be honest.  I love this quote because again, it sums me up so well – I am the queen of procrastination. Finally, I picked up this sweet lil’ Love Heart Card* which I’m sure will come in handy for an occasion of some sort!

– Lucy

– Post in collaboration with Old English Company –