First Year At Uni: My Experience

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And just like that, it’s all over. I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of my first year at university, its gone so quickly! Throughout school and sixth form I never wanted to go to uni and was convinced that I’d do anything but a degree, so it’s crazy that I’m now at this point in my life.

I haven’t really done the whole university thing the way you’d imagine it. I don’t live in halls, nor do I spend my nights getting drunk at the SU or going clubbing. I actually still live at home with my family and spend most my nights watching RuPaul’s Drag Race with my boyfriend, which suits me down to the ground. So its safe to say my uni experience has been a bit different to others out there.

For a bit of context, I’m studying photography at a university that’s literally 20 minutes from my family home. The reason I didn’t choose to go to university further afield is due to my anxiety. It’s best for me to live at home and commute in every day (or not every day as the year went on). So that’s that and I’m happy I’m not doing university the conventional way. So let’s talk about how I’ve found the course and general day to day uni life over the past 8 months.

I chose to study photography because honestly, I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. I’m not very academic and hate exams so it made sense to do a creative degree. I also fell in love with the facilities the uni I go to has to offer, there’s just so much creative freedom. We had four different units to complete this year and a lot of work had to go into each and every one of them. I won’t go into detail about what each one was because we’d be here for hours. But each unit taught me something different and looking back, I’ve learnt so much. I now know how to use a medium and large format camera and I’ve even become super confident in using a 35mm camera as well. I know how to work with both black & white and colour negatives and how to print in the darkrooms, which is really fun.

Although I’ve learnt all this new stuff, I definitely could have put more effort into my unit workbooks/final outcomes. I am the queen of procrastination and will avoid doing work at all costs. So the amount of time I spent scrolling through Instagram or watching Youtube videos could have been spent doing actual work, but hopefully, the motivation will pick up next year (who am I kidding)?!

I was worried at the beginning that I wouldn’t make any friends as I didn’t live in halls, but I did try to make an effort to talk to people on my course. Luckily everyone’s really nice and obviously, we have stuff in common or else we wouldn’t all be on the same course. However, I have made one really good friend, Sarah. Who actually has a blog as well and has written about her first year at uni experience, which you can read here. I think I’ll wrap this up now because I’m fully aware I’ve been rambling on, haha!

What was your first year at uni like?

– Lucy