My Experience Migrating To WordPress

forever september, wordpress migration, blogger to wordpress, blogging, blogger, blogging hacks, london, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, pipdigI finally made the move to WordPress. Something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now. I’ve been blogging for four years and for all those years I’ve been using blogger, which has been fine up until now. I really wanted more freedom with my blog and I couldn’t do that with blogger. Soo here we are, typing up this post on WordPress. 

I didn’t really know what to expect when making the move over, so I thought while it was all fresh in my mind, I’d write a post about it for anyone else thinking of making the switch. I used Pipdig’s service to migrate over because god knows I wouldn’t know where to start. Although it costs quite a lot of money to do, they do all the hard work for you and get to pick one of their designs as well, which is worth £49 on its own. So despite the expense of it all, you only have to do it once and not worry about it again.

So whats the big difference between blogger and WordPress? Well, blogger is a free service run by Google but although its free and reliable you really can’t do much with it. Sure you can purchase a design and add widgets, but honestly, that’s about it. When creating posts you don’t have that much freedom with placing images, or even with the whole writing setup. In comparison to WordPress its pretty basic, (that is the self-hosted version of WordPress that is).

You can have a free WordPress site or you can have a self-hosted site, which you have to pay for. You have to purchase a WordPress plan from a site such as SiteGround, which gives you that freedom to become self-hosted, which is what I went for/what pipdig recommend. I can’t tell you much about the self-hosted thing because honestly I still don’t know enough myself, but to put it simply it just means you own your website and it allows you to have total control/freedom with it, which is all I wanted with my blog. Obviously, if you pay for pipdig to migrate your site for you, it’s a very easy process. You just pop them over an email to say you’ve purchased the migration package and then they’ll ask for your login details for blogger, SiteGround and also wherever you purchased your domain from (in my case it was 123 Reg). Once that’s sent over they get to work and your site should be moved over, up and running within 48 hours, which mine was.

I definitely couldn’t have done the switchover myself so I’m very grateful pipdig offer the service they do and would highly recommend it to anybody who’s thinking of making the change. I don’t know if this post was helpful in any way but I thought I’d just talk through the process whilst it was on my mind and to sort of help out anyone who’s been toying with the idea.

– Lucy