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forever september, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, flatlay, betty box, period, period talk, Periods. Something the majority of women experience and have to deal with on a monthly basis. It can be such a bitch and cause you to have the worst cramps, mood swings and all that fun stuff. When I was younger and first started my period I found the whole thing quite overwhelming and didn’t really know how to handle it properly and to be honest, I wish I’d had something like Betty Box when I was 14.

forever september, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, flatlay, betty box, period, period talk,

Betty Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers you everything you need for that time of the month, which I think is an absolutely genius idea. Just want to reiterate this post isn’t sponsored, however I was gifted this box to try and I knew as soon as it landed on my doorstep, I needed to share it with the world. Inside the box you get all of the sanitary supplies you’re going to need, which includes pads, tampons and pantie liners. There is a small pouch which is labelled ‘for now’, which contains a variety of tampons and pantie liners, which is perfect to pop in your bag. I think its great because its really discrete and easy to carry around with you. Alongside the pouch, you have a box ‘for later’. Again, this has a selection of sanitary products which you can keep for at home use or as back up supplies. Finally, you have a box ‘for night’, which contains a handful of nighttime pads.

Alongside all of the essential period supplies, you get a lil box ‘for you’. This is full of goodies to cheer you up, which is just the cutest thing ever. A few things I received in mine were, a teabag and some chocolate which is perfect for that first day when you’re moody af and in crippling pain because cramps. There’s also a blemish wand, which is so needed as my face becomes home to so many unwanted visitors at that time of the month. Some super cute pink hairbands are included, because yano gotta get that hair out your face. Also a bright red lipstick to pick yourself up and make you feel a bit more confident and sassy. There a few other little bits and pieces included as well, so its safe to say I was really impressed. For £12.99 a month, you really do get your money’s worth and you don’t have to worry about stocking up on supplies as it’ll be delivered straight to your door.

I’m so glad I got the opportunity to review this subscription box because period’s still aren’t spoken about enough and I really think they should be. It’s no fun feeling alone when experiencing your period, especially when you’re younger and still not quite sure whats going on with your body. I remember being so shy about it when I was younger and I didn’t really know who to talk to about what was happening, but Betty do actually have a section on their blog which can really help younger girls out with any questions/worries they may have. Even I learnt a few bits reading through some of the articles! So, lets break the stigma around period talk and share our experiences!

– Lucy

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