Life Lately And Summer Plans

forever september, lifestyle, blogger, fashion, makeup, beauty, life update, chat, chatty post,I feel like I’ve been so distant from blogging lately, but honestly I’ve been so busy. I started my new job a couple of weeks ago, but kept my old one as well, so I’m currently juggling the two (why do you do this to yourself Lucy)?! Which just means I’ve had way less time to take photos and sit down and write.

So, lets start with the new job. I’m now employed as a photographer, which is sooo exciting! I have the amazing job of photographing newborns at bedside (whilst they’re still in the hospital). It’s such a lovely job to have and it means I get all the baby cuddles, what more could you want? As I said, I’ve still kept my old job, which is working in retail and I do that once a week. So I guess you could say that work takes up a fair amount of time, but I don’t mind too much as I’m actually quite enjoying it all.

As this post goes live, I’m gonna be spending the day with my bestie Fran, ahhh! She’s driving down from where she lives, to spend the day with meeeeee (thanks Fran). I still find it so cool how blogging brings people together like this, and creates friendships. Another blogging related thing happening, is an event on Friday which is so exciting because I haven’t been to one in agesss.

As for summer plans, July is looking pretty busy for me. Myself and Sarah are heading down to Brighton for a couple of days and I am so excited, as we’re staying in the cutest AirBnB. I also adore Brighton and would definitely say its one of my happy places, it just feels so magical (lol). In a couple of weeks time I have Citadel festival, which Tame Impala (one of my fave bands) are performing at and I am beyond excited to see them live. Also can’t wait to dress up and wear all the glitter! Soon after that, I’m heading back to Cardiff for a couple of days which will be nice as I enjoyed exploring the city last time and I’m sure theres still more to see. Heading into August, I’m going on a family holiday to the south of Spain. I haven’t been on a family holiday abroad for about 10 years, so I think this will be really nice, and it means a week of sun – yay!

I’m sure I’ll be doing other bits and pieces in between all this, but I guess thats a bit of an overview. I really hope I can squeeze in some time to get back into blogging properly again as I actually really miss just sitting down and typing away, so lets hope!

What are your summer plans?

– Lucy