August To Do List

forever september, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, august to do list, to do list, chatty post,For real, 2018 is going way too quickly. I can’t believe we’re in the last month of summer, like how has that even happened?! Anyway, enough of that and lets talk about my to do list for August.

01. enjoy some time away from home

This week I’m off to Brighton for a couple of days with my friend from uni. We were meant to go last month but I ended up being ill for like a month so we chose to reschedule it. The airbnb we’re staying in looks super cute and I ~think~ its slap bang in the middle of the lanes, which is amazing! Alongside a few days in Brighton, I’m off to the south of Spain for a week with my family which should be nice.

forever september, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, august to do list, to do list, chatty post,02. start creating a birthday wish list

I can’t believe next month is my birthday…already?! I don’t understand how its come around so quickly, but I’m not complaining. I’m finding it much harder to think of present ideas the older I’m getting, mostly because I feel bad asking for things when I earn my own money now. So far, I’ve got a pair of red converse on my list, so its going well haha. Any ideas, pls send them my way!

03. complete my summer uni project

Not gonna lie, I completely forgot I had a summer project to complete for uni. Granted, its not very difficult but I keep putting it off. Obviously I’m back to uni in September, so it’d be great if I could get it done before August ends!

04. get a tattoo 

I know, another one. I’ve got an appointment booked in for when I return back from my holiday. I’m so bloody excited. Ever since getting my first tattoo last year, I haven’t stopped thinking of new ideas/designs that I want to get. This one is a little different to anything else I’ve currently got, so we’ll see how it all turns out!

05. photograph some gigs

I purchased a new lens for my camera the other day, in the hope I can do some more concert/gig photography. So, I’ve got some shows booked in with a local venue and I’ll be off photographing some bands at the end of August – how exciting!

Whats on your August to do list?

– Lucy