August TreatBox

forever september, august treatbox, treatbox, leaf print, palm print, pink, treat yo self, beauty, lifestyle, fashionI’m coming back at ya with another TreatBox* unboxing, review, whatever you wanna call it. The lovely people at TreatBox asked me if I wanted to receive their August box, which of course I did, since I loved the July one so much. And I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate just how cute this months box really is!

forever september, august treatbox, treatbox, leaf print, palm print, pink, treat yo self, beauty, lifestyle, fashion

I’m truly obsessed with all this palm print, very summer appropriate of course. So, lets start off with the ‘Happiness’ cards. Inside the box, was what looked like a striped sweet packet. However, inside was a collection of small square cards with quotes on. I absolutely love these, as they’ll be perfect for blog photos or just having a look at every now and again to remind myself that its all going to be okay. Alongside the small cards, came a print that has the words ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ crossed out and ‘today’ printed largely in the middle. Something I know I need to do more, just live in the now and focus on today. Not yesterday and not tomorrow.

Moving away from all the inspirational quotes and onto something to help me relax a little. The ‘Shobu’ bath bomb for the shower, what a genius idea! I never take baths, I just don’t find them relaxing in the slightest so I feel like this was made for me and I can’t wait to try it out. Another lil self care item in the box, is the ‘Anatomicals’ tea tree face mask. Who doesn’t love a good face mask, ay?

Going back to the whole leaf print thing, look how sweet this notebook is. It reads ‘turn over a new leaf…’ again, such a great quote. I’m pretty sure I own like 100 notebooks, but another one won’t hurt right? I’ve already decided this is going to be my lecture notebook for when I go back to uni in September anyway. Theres also a very cute pink pencil included, again with a quote on which varies from box to box, but mine says ‘you can plant a dream’. And last but not least, a pink and leaf print cool bag/lunchbox. I think this is such a brilliant idea, especially for this time of year when you want to keep food cool if you were going out for a picnic for example.

Overall, I absolutely love this months box as its right up my street with all the quotes, leaf print and pink. A real treat!

– Lucy

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