MHM: Welcome

mental health mondays, mhm, welcome, forever september, mental health, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, blog, flatlayWelcome to Mental Health Mondays. For those of you who have read my blog for a few years, you may or may not, remember a little series I did called ‘Mental Health Mondays’. This was back in May 2017 (wow) and it was for mental health awareness month. I asked a few friends and other bloggers if they’d open up about their personal experience with mental illness and write a post for me to publish on my blog, and they said yes. Anyway, I really enjoyed sharing their stories here on Forever September and I thought I’d bring back Mental Health Mondays. Except this time I’ll be writing all the posts myself.

I’ve wanted to include more about mental health into my blog for some time now and I was sat watching Just Jodes, when I had this sudden surge of inspiration to write about my own experiences and speak out. I really applaud influencers such as Jodie for speaking out and breaking the stigma behind mental illnesses.

I want Mental Health Mondays to be a place where I can chat about my own personal experiences with all different aspects of mental illness. This is going to range from being on medication to finding the right therapy for you. I’m so ready to get started with this series as I have so much to say on the topic of mental health and I really hope you enjoy reading the posts too. Who knows, it may even spark a discussion or make you realise you’re not alone. I know whenever I read people’s posts discussing their own experiences regarding mental health, I feel way less alone and to be honest, I find comfort in it.

So anyway, here’s to a new series and hopefully I’ll see you here every Monday!

– Lucy