My Vinyl Collection

forever september, my vinyl collection, music, lifestyle, beauty, collection, albums, tame impala, the weekndTwo years ago now, I received a record player for my birthday and since then have been collecting vinyl’s. I’m a big music lover, so it only seemed right to own a record player and have physical copies of my favourite albums. I should also mention this post was inspired by the lovely Erin, who shared her vinyl collection a few weeks ago, which sparked the idea to share my own.

I feel like a CD or vinyl collection shows a true reflection of your music taste, as realistically you only want to spend your money on music you seriously love. I usually buy my vinyls from Amazon, HMV, charity shops or independent record shops on the high street. Basically anywhere I’m able to get them cheaper because vinyl’s are pricey. Anyway, onto the collection. I’m gonna list the albums, but I’ve also created a Spotify playlist, which has my 2 favourite songs from each album if you wanna have a lil listen!

forever september, my vinyl collection, music, lifestyle, beauty, collection, albums, tame impala, the weeknd01. Zenyatta Mondatta / The Police

02. Harry Styles / Harry Styles

03. The 1975 / The 1975

04. Greatest Hits / Fleetwood Mac

05. Whenever You Need Somebody / Rick Astley

06. Barry / Barry Manilow

07. Every Kingdom / Ben Howard

08. Peripheral Vision / Turnover

09. Harmless Melodies / Yellow Days

10. Holy Fire / Foals

11. This Life, Vol 1 / Coasts

12. Starboy / The Weeknd

13. Currents / Tame Impala

14. This Old Dog / Mac DeMarco


After typing that all out, I realise how random it is. I have such an eclectic music taste, that consists of a lot of 70s/80s and also indie stuff too. My favourite albums out of all of those though, has to be ‘The 1975’, ‘Currents’ and ‘Starboy’. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the 70s/80s stuff but Tame Impala will forever have my heart with Currents haha. Anyway, this was a bit of a different post for me but I’m trying to blog more about the stuff I’m truly passionate about and music is one of those things. Also, here is the link to the Spotify playlist if you want to get a taste for any of the albums I mentioned above: vinyl collection.

– Lucy