Be Right Back

forever september, be right back, anxiety, relapse, mental health, lifestyle, chatty post, Its safe to say I’m not doing the best right now. Sadly, I’ve had a relapse with my anxiety and I’m not coping too well with the whole life thing.

This is hugely frustrating for me, as I’m quite an ambitious person and being set back due to anxiety isn’t ideal. I’m almost three weeks in to my 2nd year of university and this is not how I planned it would go. I just want to be making work and immersing myself in the subject that I love. Also just generally speaking, I’d like my life back. I have to cancel plans, or not make plans in the first place as I’m not sure how I’ll feel and that is extremely irritating.

I always try my best to tackle my anxiety head on and I still think I do a pretty good job, but its just become so overwhelming. Waking up with your stomach in knots, feeling like you’re about to burst into tears at any given moment, isn’t a way to live. This is why I’ve started frantically looking for a new form of help, as everything I’ve tried so far, hasn’t helped. Luckily, I’ve found two potential options that could work. I’m trying to be as optimistic as I can because honestly, I want this to be over now. I’m tired of anxiety ruling my life and if I can manage it now at 20 years old, I can enjoy the rest of my life.

I may document this journey on my mental health monday’s but for now, be right back. I want to focus on trying to get better and I’ll be back to blogging when I feel more up to it. Hopefully this won’t be long, maybe a week or two but I just need to get back on track.

– Lucy