5 Hydrating Products For Winter

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Ahh the dreaded dry winter skin. The time of year when my legs start to resemble some sort of reptile…nice. So, I have collected together some of my go-to products to combat this issue.

For my entire body, I’ve been using the Ayumi Turmeric & Shea Butter Body Lotion*. I was a bit precarious about this at first, because of the turmeric but as soon as I smelt it, all was well. It has a subtle scent, most of which smells like shea butter. One thing I can’t stand with body lotions, is when they don’t sink into the skin quickly and leave you feeling sticky. This is something I haven’t experience with this, which automatically puts it in my good books. It makes my skin feel super hydrated and moisturised and the best part, is the amount of product you get for your money. You can pick this up for £5 in your local Tesco, such a bargain.

Hand cream is an essential for me at this time of year and I’ve currently been reaching for the Freshly Cosmetics Pro-Repair Hand And Nail Treatment*. One of my favourite things about this, is the fact it has a pump. So much easier than a squeeze-y tube in my opinion. This is a very lightweight cream, so again, dries into the skin fairly quickly. I’m not 100% sold on the scent though, its meant to have a peach/apple aroma but I can’t really smell that. However, it does make my hands feel nice and smooth!

As for my face, I’ve been using the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream. I received this as part of a duo for Christmas and I’m in love. I’ve been meaning to try something from Antipodes for the longest time. I’ve been popping this on in the morning before I do my makeup and I love the way it feels. It also smells divine. I definitely want to try more from Antipodes now, their products seem amazing.

For some reason, my lips have been super dry this winter. Maybe because I had a cold for weeks but yeah, its been very irritating. For Christmas, I received the Lush Rose Lollipop Lip Balm. This is literally one of the best smelling lip balms I’ve ever tried (I wouldn’t expect anything less from Lush to be honest). I usually use this in the morning when I wake up, as it has quite a thing formula (if that makes sense)?! It feels really exfoliating at the same time as hydrating, which is a bonus! Finally, another lip balm. I use the Glossier Birthday Balm DotCom before bed, as its got quite a thick, nourishing formula. I know I said the Lush lip balm was one of the best I’ve ever smelt, but this is up there too. It literally smells like a vanilla cupcake – delicious. This does have a slight shimmer to it as well, so its lovely to use in the day time if you want something natural looking on the lips.

What are your go-to hydrating products for the winter?


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