A Lil Catch Up

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I feel like its been forever since I just sat down and typed away about life and whats going on. I’ve been posting a lot about beauty recently, which I’m really enjoying but yeah, I do love a good chatty life post, so here we are.

So, I haven’t really done an ‘update’ since October, when I said I was taking a small break due to my anxiety. Well, four months on and I’m pleased to say I’m doing better. October and November were really tough, theres no denying that and it has been a slow recovery but I’m finally getting there. My emetophobia hasn’t gone anywhere, but my panic attacks seemed to have reduced and lets hope it stays that way! I’m doing all I can to keep myself well and I’m glad I’m able to get out and do things again, as a few months ago I really was finding it hard to leave the house. So fingers crossed I keep progressing and all is well.

Since I’ve been feeling better, I’ve managed to get into uni much more. I’m really pleased about this, as I love my degree and enjoy being around likeminded people. Despite being glad to be back, the work load is pretty intense. I currently have 3 projects going on, all of which have deadlines within a week of each other – ahh! There is a lot of pressure and I really want to do well, but I’m trying to pace myself and not overdo it, because I want to put my mental health first still. I also didn’t do as well in my essay last term as I would have liked, so my aim is to try and get a higher grade this time round. Ahh, the joy of studying ay?

Alongside uni, I’ve been doing plenty of fun things since entering the new year. I’ve been up in London countless times in the past month, all of which have been amazing. In mid January, I saw The 1975 perform at the O2 and it was such an incredible night, I love that band way too much. I then had the opportunity to head up to Soho and create a sponsored post for a brand, which again, was amazing and I discovered so many new places along the way. I’ve had two more concerts since The 1975, AminĂ© and Jungle, both of which were so flipping good! Jungle performed in Alexandra Palace which is such a beautiful building with gorgeous grounds, I’d love to go back just to explore. I also headed to London last week to do a shoot for a lovely blogger, Lauren. This was the first blogger shoot I’d done since last May and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very happy with how the photos came out. I’d love to do some more in the near future too.

Amongst the trips to London, I also spent the day in Brighton at the end of January. Brighton is definitely one of my happy places, it has such a great vibe and the food/shops are the best. I can’t wait to head back when it gets a little bit warmer. So yeah, there has been a fair few trips and I feel very lucky to do them with such great company.

Well, it felt nice to just sit here and type out what I’ve been doing over the past few months and hopefully I’ll get back to the ol’ lifestyle posts again soon!

What have you been up to recently?