Pixi Beauty: First Impressions

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– This post contains gifted items –

Just before Valentines day, I had the most gorgeous Pixi parcel land on my doorstep. I was very surprised when I came home from work and saw it because I definitely wasn’t expecting a parcel from Pixi; but its certainly the sort of surprise I could get used to – haha. Inside, were two beautiful eyeshadow palettes and a little case with 3 eyeshadow brushes. So, since I’ve never tried anything from Pixi’s beauty range before, I thought I’d do a lil review of the two palettes!

The palette I was most drawn to when I opened the box, was Natural Beauty*. I think probably because its the more neutral of the two (I’m a neutral tone gal through and through). There is a good mixture of mattes and shimmers in this palette, however I’m not 100% convinced on the shade range. There are a lot of similar shades, most of which are dark. However, you can definitely do an entire eye look just using this palette, so thats good. My favourite shade has to be the top middle, ‘Metal Mauve’. I do love a good mauve/brown that I can wash over my entire lid. Its very shimmery, almost glittery, which is so pretty. There is a bit of fall out with this shade, but I always do my shadow first so its easy to wipe away before going onto foundation. As for pigmentation, its not half bad. I’ve definitely used eyeshadows with better pigmentation (Colourpop or Violet Voss for example) but really for £24, its pretty decent. If I’m looking to do a quick eyeshadow look, I’ll definitely gravitate towards this palette.

The second palette, Reflex Light*, is equally as beautiful and has a lot more warmer shades included. I love my neutrals but I’m also very partial to a warm toned look too. In comparison to the Natural Beauty palette, all of the shadows are shimmer. I must say, this does make it quite hard to create an entire look with just this palette, as there is no matte to pop through the crease. Sure, you could do a one wash colour and be done with it but I like to add a darker matte through the crease to give a bit more depth. However, my favourite shade in this palette is the first one in the third row, ‘3D Peach’, what a cute name too. I’ll definitely get use out of this palette, but I’ll just have to use another for that matte shadow.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with both of these palettes and I’m intrigued to try more from Pixi’s makeup range. I have my eye on the Liquid Fairy Lights, they look stunning!

Have you ever tried Pixi Beauty?