Wearing Silver Rings: Style Rules To Follow

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– This is a collaborative post –

I’m a silver jewellery lover through and through and I definitely couldn’t be without a few silver rings in my collection. I truly believe every fashion-conscious female should have a collection of silver rings in her jewellery box, as there are so many occasions when they can be used to accessorise.

Whenever I’m looking to buy some new jewellery, I always make sure its sterling silver. Mostly because anything that isn’t sterling silver, makes my fingers go a funny colour. Sterling silver is also much harder to scratch than a ring made from gold or platinum, believe it or not. With this in mind, I thought I’d share some tips on how best to wear silver rings.

01. keep contrast in mind

Silver rings contrast well with most colours, and by wearing different textured rings, you can add some contrast to your look. Shiny, matte, filigree and burnished silver can all be effectively used as great fashion accessories and with some contrast, you can wear rings close to each other without looking tacky.

02. right hand

If you’re right handed, its best (or even easiest) to start off by wearing rings on your right hand. If you’re left handed, then go for the left. Which ever hand you use to greet people with, take advantage and slip a few silver rings on that hand. With shops like Silver By Mail, you can browse a wide selection of sterling silver rings and all at affordable prices too. So you’re able to start off your silver ring collection nicely!

03. mix and match

The best way to find the right combination is to sit down with all your rings and experiment. Similarly to keeping contrast in mind, mixing coloured stones is a great way to mix and match. The best way to choose any jewellery is browsing online jewellers, who have an extensive catalogue of quality jewellery items, then you can pick out the right coloured stone to match with your existing ring collection.

04. dont overdo it

While a couple of silver rings will be the perfect accent for that casual party, don’t subscribe to the theory that more is better. Stacking rings are a great option if you want to wear more but keep it subtle. Personally, I’m a huge lover of dainty jewellery so always like to keep it somewhat simple.

05. boost your confidence

I truly believe accessorising can boost your confidence. It can really add to an outfit and make you feel good about yourself. I don’t think I could go without wearing rings anymore, it just makes me feel complete.

So, when thinking jewellery, I’d say experiment. Mix and match, and also find pieces you love. After a while, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t and with a little creativity and a lot of self confidence, you can push your fashion borders that little bit further.