• I’ve been struggling with the ol’ Instagram content recently, with being back at uni and the change of season🍂 I want to switch up the way I edit my photos for the autumn/winter but struggling to figure out how I want them - but I’m sure I’ll get there😂 This is a throwback to our delicious vegan cheese and marmite toasties we had in Bath🥪💛
  • Gifted Item • I’m still obsessed with my @caseapp phone case, look at the lil dancing ladies💃🏼 And this photo features my gorgeous nails by @bellebymonique🙊 Also hello, I am back - I was quite poorly over the weekend but I’m slowly getting back to it💪🏼 I went to a ballet and tap class this evening which was a lot of fun but I’m exhausted😂 So nice to dance again after years out😌 Eeerr so thats kinda it, plodding along doing uni work and dancing aaannndd battling off a cold😂 What have you been up to?💗
  • #WorldMentalHealthDay💛 Despite having a day dedicated to mental health, its something we constantly need to be talking about. We all have mental health, its easy to mistake the term for mental illness which isn’t the case. Its important to look after our mental health, just like we do with our physical - even if you aren’t someone who suffers with mental illness. Its also important to talk. Ask your friends and loved ones how they’re doing every now and again, you never know who could be suffering in silence.

And of course, we must look out for those suffering with a mental illness. From this photo you wouldn’t be able to tell I suffer from anxiety disorder, panic disorder and emetophobia. Mental illness is an invisible illness. This is why we need to keep talking. Unfortunately this countries mental health services are poor and you can be left waiting months even years to be seen by a professional. So this is me, asking everyone to look out for one another. The online world can be daunting at times but I have met some of my best friends on this platform who have supported me and uplifted me through some tough times. I can relate to them and it helps me feel less alone. 
So please, don’t suffer in silence. Whether you suffer from a mental illness or not, never feel like a burden for reaching out. You are loved, you are strong and you are a fighter💗
  • Bringing you all the halloween vibes🎃 I never used to be into the whole halloween thing but now every time I see a pumpkin or spooky display, I’m like ‘aaah must get a photo’😂 Today we spent the day in London, eating delicious food and doing a spot of shopping👀 Oh and we also got a doughnut time, which I’m currently devouring whilst watching the Strictly results show🙌🏼💛
  • I promise this is the last photo I’ll post of sketch (maybe)😂 The prints are such a good talking point, some of them are hilarious😅 Anyway, its Saturday night and I’m sat watching Strictly, eating a McFlurry🙌🏼 I’m obsessed with Karim, he was amazing but the judge’s were so harsh😩 Who’s your fave dancer so far?💕
  • Bringing you all the autumnal vibes🎃🍂 I am well and truly exhausted after my first week back at uni. There’s a whole lotta information to take in and lots of tasks to get started on👀 This is literally going to be my life for the next nine months, soooo thats fun😂 How’s your week been?💛
  • Another photo of @paper_smiths and I’m not even sorry💅🏼 Just the most beautiful interior - can I have a lil archway like this in my future house pls? I’m currently reminiscing over summer, how are we in October already? And how am I in my last year of uni? So many questions, so much upcoming stress😂💛
  • Gifted Item • The most simplistic yet beautiful perfume bottle, and its pink😍🙌🏼 Joy is the first Dior perfume I’ve tried and it certainly hasn’t disappoint. Its now a firm favourite in my collection, I’m obsessed😌 Whats your favourite fragrance? @diorbeautylovers @diormakeup #DiorForeverUK #PartneringWithDior
  • Good evening and happy Saturday✌🏼 Today consisted of work and a trip to Kew Gardens this afternoon to see the Chihuly exhibition and it did not disappoint. It felt so autumnal today as well, so I whipped out THE coat and I’m actually obsessed🤩 What have you been up to so far this weekend?💛
  • Gifted Item • Since I haven’t said it yet, happy Autumn🍂 How beautiful is this bouquet from @handyflowers?🤩 Sunflowers and daisies are some of my favourite flowers so this was absolutely perfect🙊💛